Reunidos de nuevo!

David, David Cook, Andrew Cook y Brooke White esta cenando juntos! asi nos informaron 3 de ellos usando twitter! aquie les dejor los tweets y para los que no saben quien es Andrew Cook el esel hermano menor de David Cook. Que bueno que se reunan! definitivamente la temporada 7 de American Idol fue la mejor! tuvo los mejores concursantes!

Nuevo Blog!

Helloooo everyone. I wanted to check in really quick and let you know about my time yesterday back at the American Idol studios. I had such a great time!!

I have to admit being on that stage again shook me and my nerves up pretty good. I wasn't sure what was going on with my mind. Just seeing the audience, the contestants, and then the judges was so weird lol. But I saw Ellen smiling right before I started and it made me feel better haha. But I haven't really performed Imagine very much in the last couple of years since I had sung it twice on Idol, and now it's 3 times. But it was such a privilege to get to sing it again, because I think it's a song with a message that's important for people to hear again right now. It also reminded me of how much that song meant to me, and to again show people what I love about what music can do for others.

So while I was at the studios, I got to meet all of the contestants. I was on my way to get something from my hotel room, and saw them all standing outside waiting for rehearsal. I got out of the car and ran out to say hi to all of them really quick. A group of cool people! And they sure did really well this week. I'm really glad that the judges decided to use the save this week with big Mike because that was pretty intense lol. Anyway, I also got to see all of the crew again! my old studio teacher who now is Katie and Aaron's teacher was there, along with all the stage managers, producers, security, cleaners, technicians, and so many more people. I forgot how many people were involved to make the show happen, and I was glad to see them all.

My mom decided the day before to drive down with my grandpa and sister to come see the show since my mom's dad has never attended an Idol show. It was fun having them there, along with some of my friends. It was a fun night to perform and have them there since Jason Derulo and Rihanna were there. Jason and I both performed at Jordin Sparks' charity event back in February, and he is seriously one of the coolest, friendliest artists out there. A really nice guy, and my little sister
loves him lol. I also had the chance to meet Rihanna who was also really nice (and tall, but she had really high heels on. She's still taller than me either way.) But it was just a fun day yesterday! I
hope those of you who watched it enjoyed it! I love getting to sing a song like that, and hope to find more songs like that in the future to perform for you guys .

Another thing I got to do this week was go to the Five For Fighting concert with Matt Wertz opening for them! It was such a goooood concert!! Matt invited me to go and it is one of my favorite concerts
I've attended! The music was just so good, and it just moves you. Some of my friends came with me and were introduced to some great music. You guys ought to check both of them out if you haven't yet! One of the dances at my high school actually had a Matt Wertz song as the theme haha. That's how I first found out about his music, and now I've gotten the chance to write with him and hang out with him. And as you may know from going to the Christmas tour, I performed a Five for Fighting song called The Riddle during those concerts. When I was watching that show, it made me really think, "Man, I hope to be able to do that with my own music and writing some day." John Ondrasik (from
Five for Fighting) really does that with the songs that he writes. He tells amazing stories in them that just really hit you and make you think and feel. But really it was a great great show!

Well that's all I had to say for now! I wanted to let you guys know I had a great time at Idol, and now after a meeting and some interviews today I'm off to a writing session. Tomorrow I'll be singing at the
half time game for the Utah Blaze, which will be fun to support a Utah team haha. One of my really good friends is such a Blaze fan, and I'm doing it in honor of him. It'll be great to be with my family tomorrow too since it's my mom's birthday. But I better get going to this writing session, and I'll talk to you guys later!


songs for the day: Sweetness in Starlight - Matt Wertz
this was the song that was the theme for one of the dances at my high
school haha. I love it.

Chances - Five for Fighting

Traducion en un rato!

Entrevista con Idols Now

Aqui les dejo un "saludo" que nos dio David y nos habla acreca de lo que hablo en la entrevista de Idols now que lastimosamente todavia no esta disponible en youtube pero si la encientro la pondre luego.

David Trending en los Esados Unidos, Canada e Inglaterra!


Estados Unidos....

Fotos de David en American Idol

Entrevista con la revista J-14

J-14: What was it like being back on the Idol stage?
David: It really freaked me out! My mind left when I was talking to Ryan. I thought through what I was going to say, but then my mind totally went blank. It was pretty bad. And It was scary having the judges there -- you feel like you're going to be judged too. But I was so glad to get to sing "Imagine" again. I haven't sung that song that much. I think I've performed it once out of all the tours I've ever done, and that's it.

J-14: Our readers have been tweeting about how much they like the new hairdo you debuted last night. Why the change?
David: I've always had it generally the same, so I just wanted to do something different this time. I feel like people always associate me with the same haircut all the time -- I want to show people that I'm in a new phase right now. It's a new time for me!

J-14: What was it like meeting this season's contestants?
David: They were all really cool people. Lee Dewyze was so friendly! My sister loves him, and I think he's a really talented guy. I was really impressed with how cool he was and how he treated me.

J-14: What do you think about Aaron Kelly? Ryan has called him "David Archuleta" because of the similarities between the two of you.
David: I feel bad that he gets compared to me! No one wants to be compared to someone all the time. Aaron's his own person, and I think he has a great voice!

Which performance stood out to you this week?
David: I really liked Katie Stevens' performance Tuesday. It amazed me how much she connected to the song. People are always like 'young people can't connect to music,' but I think she proved that wrong.

J-14: Do you have any predictions for who's going to be season nine's winner?
David: Crystal Bowersox has been pretty consistent every week. I know she's been one that everyone's been looking at. I like Siobhan's awkwardness -- she has a genuine sense to her that's just cool. I can't pick just one person!


J-14: Que se siente estar de vuelta en Idol?
David:Realmente me asusté! Mi mente se fue cuando yo estaba hablando con Ryan. Aunque pense lo que iba a decir mi mente quedo en blanco. Fue bastante malo. Y Fue azustadizo ver a los jueces allí - uno siente que va a ser juzgado también. Pero yo estaba tan contento de llegar a cantar "Imagine" de nuevo. No he cantado esa canción que mucho. Creo que lo he vuelto a cantar en uno de los conciertos de las giras que he hecho y solo eso.

J-14: Nuestros lectores nos han estado mandando tweets acerca del debut de tu nuevo peinado. Porque el cambio?
David:Siempre lo he tenido igual, así que sólo quería hacer algo diferente esta vez. Siento que la gente me asocia con el mismo peinado todo el tiempo - Quiero mostrar a la gente que estoy en una nueva fase en este momento. Es un tiempo nuevo para mí!

J-14: Como fue conocer a los concursantes de esta temporada?
David: todos son gente muy cool. Lee Dewyze fue muy amigable. Mi hermana lo ama y yo creo que es un tipo muy talentoso. Yo estaba muy impresionado con su forma de ser y con como me trato.

J-14:Que piensas acerca de Aron Kelly? Ryan lo ha llamado "David Archuleta" debido a las similitudes de ambos.
David: Me siento mal cuando lo comparan conmigo! Nadie quiere ser comparado con alguien todo el tiempo. Aron es Aron y creo que tiene una gran voz!

J-14 Cual actuacion destaco para ti esta semana?
David: Me gusto mucho la actuacion de Katie Stevens. Me sorprendio lo mucho que se conecto con la cancion.La gente siempre piensa que los jovenes no se pueden conectar con la musica pero creo que ella demostro lo contrario.
J-14 Tienes alguna predicion de quien va a ganar esta temporada?
David:Cristal Bowersox ha sido bastante consistente cada semana. Yo se que ella es a la que todo el mundo ha estado mirando. Me gusta lo raro Siobhan - ella tiene un sentido genuino de ella que es muy cool. No puedo elegir una sola persona

David Firmo la Peticion Para apoyar "Jaime's Food Revolution"

"Jaime's Food Revolution" es un nuevo programa de Estados Unidos producido por Ryan Seacrest y se trata de un hombre llamado Jaime Oliver que esta tratando de cambiar la manera en la que los niños de las escuelas Estado Unidenses se alimentan al cambiar la comida chatara por alimentos sanos. Muchas celebreidades ya han firmado esta peticion y David no se quedo atras! si queiren saber mas de este programa y firmar la peticion ingresen aqui.

Entrevista con Ryan Seacrest

Para escuchar la entrevista ingresen aqui o delen clic a la imagen.

A Joe Jonas le gusto como canto David en American idol!

"Debo decir que...David Archuleta hizo un gran trabajo esta noche en American Idol"

Algunos se preguntaran por que es noticia que el actor y cantante Joe jonas integrante de los Jonas brothers halla mecionado a David en su tweet y es porque el cuenta con una gran base de fans y tambien con mas fama a nivel mundial lo que hizo que el nombre de David fuera visto por mucha gente.